The Gimpy Colon*

*No, it's not another trendy bar.

The First Day…

on March 16, 2011

For some reason, it doesn’t feel at all like the gabillion other times I started a new diet. It might be because the goal is different this time.  I’ve been on the internet researching the gluten free world as much as I could in the past few days since the scope.  I’ve reached out to a mom I met through the my kid’s baseball team whose husband has Celiac Disease.  She, thankfully, remembered me and sent some stellar information.  I’m waiting for a confirmation of diagnosis before I assault her with my questions.   I’m waiting for a packet from my doctor to arrive in the mail all about Celiac.  I ordered two books from Amazon.  One of the books is part of a series.  I already have the book on Crohn’s Disease which dumbed things down just perfectly for me.  So I’m just going to get the one on Celiac Disease too.   I figured that even if I don’t have Celiac disease and this gluten free diet works, then I’ll need the information anyway.   It’s also kind of nice since I was getting a little sick of reading about Crohn’s Disease all the time anyway.

Currently, I’m on what my internet Crohn’s disease friends call “bowel rest”.  Basically, whatever you would feed to a 6 month old, I can have.  So, rice, applesauce, bananas,  gluten-free mush.  It’s an attempt to help the medications do their job since it’s the food that seems to stir things up in the gimpy colon (and maybe I should change the name of the blog and just call myself “gimpy”).

I got my blood drawn for the Celiac screens this morning.  The Gimpy Colon apparently also has gimpy veins.  I just have them take the blood from my hand nowadays.  I don’t even bother rolling up my sleeves.  No word from my GP as to the endocrinologist yet.  I’m told that an appointment with one may take months.. no matter though.. I have my Celiac books to keep me busy.

…had to stop there for a second to grab a delicious and nutritious bottle of Ensure… by golly, it’s just liquid deliciousness… truly… one sip is supreme vitamin MAGIC… and just a touch of chocolate chalk.



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