The Gimpy Colon*

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The Results, Part Un…

on March 23, 2011

This morning I checked on the results of my upper endoscopy biopsy. It’s all online now, so here it is:

“Your biopsies were negative for celiac sprue and H-pylori. They did show chronic inactive gastritis and focal active duodenitis. Follow up is another upper endoscopy only if you are having problems, please call our office.”

So off I went to google “chronic inactive gastritis” and “focal active duodenitis”. I have no idea what people with diseases did before google. Anyway, I also went on which has all kinds of neat tidbits and a message board where I’m finding that the biopsy results are not the be all end all of this celiac situation. The message board has a lot of people on there who got a negative biopsy result and a positive blood test. It’s all a bit confusing to me, but I am figuring that the people who make blood tests and biopsy tests don’t have a definitive test for Celiac and therefore, you have to take a bunch of tests and kind of put the pieces of the puzzle together. I’m ok with that and actually, given what I’ve read about gluten lately, I’m not sure I really want to go back to my gluten filled life. Gluten seems evil to those who are sensitive to it. Plus, I’ve gone pretty far with the diet. I mean, I’ve already told my priest to give me gluten-free communion wafers!!! It seems like it’s a done deal!

I have yet to receive the results of my blood work which was all fancy and sent off to sunny San Diego for a super special workup… so special… and fancy! I will find out then if I carry the Celiac gene which should just THRILL my brothers and sisters-in-law to no end. Sorry everyone! I might have gimped up your kids!!!

Sorry my results show isn’t very exciting. I was trying to line up more singing and dancing. Be that as it may, chronic inactive gastritis means that my inner parts were inflamed at some point but they aren’t currently. Focal Active duodenitis means that the Crohn’s hit the top part of my small intestine which I guess now means that I have small bowel Crohn’s… which makes me wonder if I should rename the blog. I’ve become attached to “The Gimpy Colon” so I think I might keep it… even if Crohn’s shows up in my tongue… (which it totally could!!!!)

Tomorrow is the Thursday I’ve been looking forward to. A visit with my very nice, very helpful GI Joe or Dr. Joe, except his name isn’t really Joe… I am hoping for results for the blood tests as well as an explanation as to the biopsy. Maybe a little chat as to why I can’t see the Endocrinologist until November. Perhaps he can move that appointment up a tad… like say, to next week.

Until tomorrow!



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