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The Results, Part Deux…

on March 24, 2011

Today I went to my Gastroenterologist to get the results of my celiac panel and to chit chat about the goings on in my gimpy colon.

I did get the results of of the Celiac panel… are you ready??? Drum roll…. here’s what it says:

“Results may support a diagnosis of celiac disease.”

Woot woot… uh.. well maybe not.. we can’t be sure.

Essentially, I am carrying the gene for celiac to the point where I am at moderate risk for developing celiac disease. I am carrying the Deamidated Giladin Peptide Antibody. So that’s nice, what does that mean? Do I have celiac disease? Well… technically, no, but sorta maybe…

When I got my diagnosis for Crohn’s disease it was there in big sparkly flashing letters.. “YOU HAVE A GNARLY CASE OF CROHN’S DISEASE”

This test did not say that.

So I guess, it means that while I can technically join the celiac club, I probably can also get away with eating gluten but my health will probably be better not eating gluten given that I carry that particular gene. Yeah, it was clear as mud to me too. I guess I have some googling to do.

My GI doctor (who is a rock star by the way) wants me to stay gluten free. I can do that. I’ll join the gluten free club. Like I mentioned before, after reading all that I’ve read on going gluten free, I think I would have a problem actually eating gluten again.

So there’s that.

On the Crohn’s front, there’s more to be said. We are working on getting a capsule endoscopy for me and I was supposed to have another cat scan tomorrow, however, my insurance company hasn’t made with the approval yet which is no big deal. Anyone who has had a cat scan knows the pain of having the drink the “stuff”. I can’t believe they can put a man on the moon but they can’t make the “stuff” taste at least slightly better. I say this with all the honesty in the world that I would rather have the colonoscopy again than have to drink that “stuff”. HATE the “stuff”. HATE IT SO MUCH!!!! The “stuff” is currently sitting in my refrigerator, and they had the GALL to put little berries on the bottle to make it look like a smoothie… like I’m some kind of idiot…

Anyway, today was also the first day the “S” word was mentioned. Surgery. I hesitate to mention it because it was referred as sort of a down the road thing that will probably end up happening. At first I was under the impression that I was a typical Crohn’s disease case and that I would end up down at the general hospital and they would be cutting out my diseased parts as they became useless. But the way our conversation was going with the test results in front of us, it looked like my entire gimpy colon was starting to become useless all at the same time. The other thing is, my Crohn’s is “special”… and so I would get shipped out to the colorectal guy up at Hershey (there’s a party conversation starter… “Hey what do you do?” “I rip out colons… it’s all good”). Then there was talk of going under the anesthesia and waking up with a “bag” . A colostomy bag. That’s enough to say right there… ok, let’s try EVERYTHING.

So currently, EVERYTHING is nine different kinds of medications. We just added three more today. Plus Remicade infusions every eight weeks. I didn’t talk about Remicade yet, and I will probably after my next one which is in two weeks. It’s an interesting, somewhat humbling experience, especially since clearly from the outside, I’m a healthy person getting an infusion for two hours and sitting among some pretty sick people. I usually walk out of there full of Remicade and not feeling so sorry for myself. Things could be much much worse for me.

I think that’s it on that front. I was supposed to get a call from the GI doctor on Monday to discuss the results of the cat scan. The cat scan is to see if the Remicade and all the other meds are working. A side by side analysis type of thing. The capsule endoscopy is to see the whole digestive works. I CAN’T WAIT to see pictures of all of that. I would definitely be grossed out if it wasn’t my own body, but all of these pictures are pretty cool.




One response to “The Results, Part Deux…

  1. Susie says:

    Hey GC. I was reading something the other day……I may be WAY off but the way I understood it Gluten Intolerance is the condition where you produce the antibodies and Celiac Disease is the actual errosion of the intestines. So perhaps what all this means (including your negative endoscopy results) that you have caught this thing before any real serious damage has been done. All I can say is whatever diet makes you FEEL better is all that matters!! ❤

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