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The Genetics…

on June 28, 2011

The title of this entry is more of a joke… why? Because another member of our family has been stricken with colitis… it’s really quite tragic…it’s my poor dog Randal.

Randal has been a member of our family for 2 years now. He’s a three year old Jackhound (not a real breed). He’s a Foxhound-Jack Russell mix. There is an actual hybrid called a Foxy Russell but I can’t say that without commenting on what a stupid hybrid breed name that is. So he’s a Jackhound.. lets just settle that.

Poor Randal was rescued from a puppy mill (or so the story goes). When we first brought him home, we knew that he had been confined for probably most or all of his life. When I took him for his first walk, it happened to be garbage day and he stopped and barked and every bag of garbage. He has attacked the lawn mower, the leaf blower and the vacuum cleaner. All while they were turned off and just sitting there. So suffice to say the pup had some issues. We’ve conquered a bunch of his issues, but one still remains… he has what all the dog experts call “fear aggression”. We currently have a trainer working on that with us which brings me to this colitis thing…

The trainer, we’ll call her Michelle… because that’s her name, wanted us to take Randal for a brisk walk for about an hour per day, keep him out of Farmboy’s and my bedroom, and work with him on keeping him occupied with dog games. Randal probably could handle Uno, but I think he’s frustrated because he doesn’t have any hands. Such as it is, we put his dog bed out in the hallway, and shut the door to the bedroom. He woke me up 7 times on Sunday night and 3 times last night, with scratches and little barks that he likes to do to gently wake people up. Randal is very considerate.

So yesterday, he started with the diarrhea, today, he was shivering and seemed to be warmer than he usually is and then the vomiting started so we called the vet, brought him in and TA-DA!!! Colitis…

So three medications and a new diet later, hopefully we’ll have a healthier more happy Randal. I know just how the poor guy feels. I asked the vet why he doesn’t get steroids for his colitis.. she said “oh steroids are murder on the body”… Really… huh… didn’t know that… she also said that the colitis might be triggered by the stress of the training and walks and stuff.. “you know… stress can trigger colitis” And so it goes…



5 responses to “The Genetics…

  1. damudder says:

    My poor granddoggie. I hope he enjoyed the chicken and rice his nice mommy made him, but what he really seems to need is a stress free environment. What is that?

  2. Karen says:

    I came across you blog while doing some research on the cost of Remicade. I don’t read a lot of blogs (none) but I got caught up in yours. First, let me say how sorry I am about the Crohn’s Disease. Stinks. But life does go on, doesn’t it? My husband is the one dealing with the auto-immune issues in our family. He has had several manifestations, but the most severe are RA and Lupus. He has had five Remicade treatments since February (he was diagnosed last August). We are having a few battles with insurance and that it what prompted the search. They are paying all but about $800 per treatment because they say the clinic is charging too much above the AWP (Average Wholesale Price). Hope we can work it out since it doesn’t look like the treatments are going to let up anytime soon. He is trying to come off the Prednisone, too. Tough. He did decided to stop the Methotrexate, though. He was taking it orally, once a week. And then giving up two days to feeling absolutely rotten! Decided it just wasn’t worth it. The Remicade isn’t as hard on him as the Methotrexate! Not sure why I’m telling you all this — but there you go! I’m going to bookmark you blog and see if I can get into this. Be blessed.

    • gimpycolon says:

      Hi Karen –

      First let me say, thanks for reading my blog. I just put a post up a few minutes ago and I will say when I am feeling well, it’s actually hard to visit my own blog… so I suppose you should think of my absences as good things…

      Secondly, I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s illnesses, the autoimmune disorders (the whole blessed spectrum) are rough. I’ve had much luck with Remicade, however, it is expensive… my latest bill from the hospital came in to the tune of $4,500.00. I hate to think of anyone who doesn’t have a job that provides or cannot afford insurance. My insurance has me pay a $2,500.00 deductible and then everything else is covered. I go through my deductible in a flash…

      I guess my only suggestion would be to ask your insurance company if they can send your husband to a clinic that properly bills them for the Remicade. I know it’s kind of backwards to ask your insurance company to help you to find a hospital, but for the most part, the treatment clinics that I have heard of have been ok. I’m sure like everything else there are exceptions.

      Be well!

  3. wendy says:

    isn’t it ironic! LOL

  4. Susie says:

    Oh Maura. I had a dog with colitis too. I remember the shivering. I remember the special meals we cooked for him. We made hamburger, rice and some lovely yellow powdered medicine. It actually looked quite yummy until you put the yellow powder on it. LOL I’m sorry Randal is sick. I hope he feels better.

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