The Gimpy Colon*

*No, it's not another trendy bar.

The Absence…

So a fellow gimpy colon contacted me and asked how I was doing. I told her I was fine… actually… fine… “fine” is one of those words that we’re all kind of afraid to say because “fine” could trigger a karmatic reaction that causes a fabulous dinner date with the Farmboy to go completely awry. So we say something more along the lines of “holding up” or “I’m gonna make it!”. Don’t worry… we’re fine.

I haven’t been here for a while, perhaps because I’ve been “fine”. No really, I’ll say it. I’m down to 1mg of prednisone, I’m totally off that blasted Entocort, and my last Remicade infusion was rather enjoyable. I’ve actually gone as far as to make plans to visit with friends and family during the summer (which unfortunately is almost over for us.) and I’m looking forward to going to soccer games and tournaments for my son which any gimpy colon knows is a crap shoot (ha ha…get it?).

Oh, before I forget, thanks for the cards and flowers and baskets filled with biscuits for Randal. He would say thank you, I’m sure, but… you know.. he’s a dog. Randal’s colitis is much better and he is running around happily like the sweet pooch that he is. He spent about two weeks on a bland diet of ground chicken and mashed up rice along with four medications and he really is good as new. We do have the medications in the cabinet in case of a flair for poor Randal. But he hasn’t needed any of it so far.

Since I’ve been feeling so much better, I thought maybe a good use for this blog is to take it to the streets. I’ve perused through some Crohn’s message boards lately, and I noticed how many people are asking questions about the colonoscopies, endoscopies, the Remicade infusions, the CAT scans, etc. I’m wondering if I should do some play by play of these tests, to help these folks out. They all seem so concerned…worried.. heh.. just like me when I first went through all of this stuff.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Today’s glutie award goes to the people who make peanut butter cups… I know you didn’t mean to, but thanks for making those things gluten-free… I’m sure you talked a few celiacs off the ledge with that move…*

Be well everyone!

*Before a mad pack of gluten-free people get all torchy and pitchforky on me, I do realize that not all chocolate and peanut butter products are gluten-free or made in gluten free factories…but I don’t feel like naming names tonight.. so there’s the disclaimer.. I wish you people would calm down.