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The Suspense…

on February 15, 2012

Goodness, it’s been a while…

Well I’m sick again and I’ve actually been kinda sick for a while. Less Crohn’s stuff and more of a cold, flu, schmutz feeling that has been going on for a good three weeks or so… and so I’ve have tests done and scheduled… blood came in, all is well there. My GP had to do battle with my insurance company for a CT scan and I’m waiting to hear as to when it has been scheduled. I had an ultrasound a few days ago because of pain in my stomach. I thought my spleen was exploding but turns out my pancreas, which if you didn’t know this already, has a head, a body and a tail… like my own little tadpole… well it turns out my pancreas head is way bigger than it should be. Not sure what that means exactly, but I’m hoping it’s the source of my pain, that it can be cured with another bottle of pills and/or something as simple as that. Of course, nothing is ever simple when you have a gimpy colon. I’m on day 5, I think, of antibiotics and my symptoms are pretty much the same.

Another thing I learned from the ultrasound is that I have a fatty liver… now THERE’S A SHOCKER… no not really… Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you want to look at it, a fatty liver or finding out you have a fatty liver is one of those things that can turn bad but can be reversed but once it’s progressed there’s no turning back…did you follow that? Now somehow, my liver is processing everything properly according to my bloodwork so it’s up to me to lay off the fatty foods and be good. I guess now that the holidays are over and lent is right around the corner, I might be able to pull something like that off. My GI PA said that people don’t die of fatty livers, they usually die of something else and she totally went meh on me. Can’t really say I’m scared straight if you catch me.

So I have a CT scan scheduled for Friday… as soon as I know something, I’ll throw it up on the blog and if it warrants a separate blog, then I’ll entertain new names… So far I have The Pesky Pancreas, My Big Fat Pancreas Head, and Finding Nemo… in the Head of a Pancreas…



7 responses to “The Suspense…

  1. Erin says:

    Maura, I had no idea you were the Maura who commented on my blog earlier until I followed your link and discovered your blog. I’ve just spent the past twenty minutes sifting through your posts. I had no idea of all the health issues you’ve been dealing with. What I love about your blog is the hilarious, self-deprecating and honest way you share your reality. I hope someday that dealing with your gimpy colon becomes a hell of a lot easier. Looking forward to following along.

    Oh and in reference to the hideous chair in my basement, I am not above breaking out the saws-all. I tore apart a Miami-Vice inspired sleeper-sofa and threw its innards and outards out the second story window at 8 months preggers. Betty the Behemoth will live the building one way or another ; )

    Be well,

    • Gimpy Colon says:

      Sorry… sometimes I run around thinking I’m the only Maura in the whole wide world… like Madonna… or Cher…

      If my friend, Lynda pops in, she can tell you all about the chainsaw and the couch… I wasn’t there, um thankfully… the funny thing is, we got the couch INTO the apartment, but it must have grown or something. It certainly wasn’t born there.

  2. Erin says:

    that is, LEAVE the building…

  3. damudder says:

    I would say it’s a good time for a visit to the nutritionist — but that’s just your mother talking.

  4. lisakunk says:

    Every post I read of yours makes me think we are kindred spirits. First ancestry, now health issues all told with a dash of humor. I’m thinking of starting a new (2nd) blog also to discuss medical issues of which I’ve had many. Including a trip to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota when the docs tossed their hands in the air but that’s a long story. Many misdiagnoses and discovering new ailments while searching for another. I will look forward to reading your tales. I have IBS as do my kids, and am lactose intolerant, insulin resistant, gluten intolerant, and have horrible heart family history to go with my awful cholesterol and nitroglycerine numbers. I’ll stop there. I also have a daughter with Celiac and her husband has developed IBS and gluten intolerance as well. Anyway,it’s been awhile since I started my blog so I’m wondering how quickly I can start another. We’ll see. Thanks for sharing.

    • gimpycolon says:

      Thank you for your comments Lisa. IF you look at the date of my last entry, I haven’t written a post in years. People probably think I didn’t make it through my last surgery. I tend to think that I made this blog to talk about my Crohn’s disease but Crohn’s ended up taking a smaller part of my life than I thought it would. So I am tossing around either expanding the Gimpy Colon to include my adventures as a soccer mom/small business owner/Walking Dead fan… or just waiting for my next flare and write about that… hopefully that is far off in the future as I’ve been doing really well lately. Be well and good luck on your next entry no matter which blog you choose!

      • lisakunk says:

        Thanks for getting back with me. I know what it feels like to have been too sick to do things with family and friends and enjoy life. I won’t bore you with the details but one of the issues was chronic anemia. And Lyme Disease. It took going to Mayo Clinic to figure out how to deal with some of my issues and my own playing doctor (physician heal thyself kind of thing) researching constantly to get some relief. If you read my blog on my iron infusion you’ll know what I’m talking about. The short story is I took iron for years but my body couldn’t absorb it through my gut. But the point is, I promised myself after reading all the scary info about iron infusions, that I’d go back and write about how helpful it was or my own experience if it worked. I should try to find the sites that scared me into cancelling the procedure years ago. I should tell a positive side for those who read it and decide against it. Well, it changed my life. I, like you, have been too busy making up for lost time, enjoying life and raising my kids and walking without chest pain (for the most part) not feeling like I would pass out from lack of oxygen getting to my brain.
        I say all that to suggest you might blog about how life is better and let people know there can be life after Crohn’s. I’d love to read a followup or some fun tales of you enjoying life. I’m just sayin’. So glad you are better. Let me know if you decide to post anything. I’ll be your first reader.

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