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The Latest… (Part Two)

So.. moving right along. …

I had another colonoscopy this past August.  This scan actually looked worse than the scan I had when I was first diagnosed.  It kind of proved that Humira was not making things better, so I have been switched to Cimzia which I started two weeks ago.

Cimzia is also a shot.  A really painful, sort of freaky shot.  As I mentioned before, I wondered why Humira was a spring loaded shot.  It’s probably spring loaded because the maker of Humira saw how they administer Cimzia and decided not to scare the crap out of people.    The needle for Cimiza is about an inch long and is visible, which is not the case with Humira.  Humira looked like a giant highlighter pen with a button on the top.  You just put the end of the pen on your stomach and press the button.   I saw nothing.  I felt pain.   It is a spring loaded shot after all,  but I saw nothing, which apparently makes all the difference.

Call me a wuss, but the minute the nurse pulled out the needle to the Cimzia shot, I blanched and told her that I was absolutely sure that I could never poke myself with that thing.  Not only that, the loading dose for Cimzia is one shot in either side of the stomach or thigh, so I would have to poke myself twice.  To make it even more fun, Cimzia has the consistency of jello.  So you have to flick the needle to watch a little bubble rise to the top, and then when the needle goes in, you have to press the plunger slowly so all that goo goes into the body.   THEN, you have to wait 10 seconds with the needle in your thigh and then you can pull it out.

Humira was doable… for Cimzia, I’m going to need a professional.

So off I went to find a qualified person to give me my Cimzia shots.  Talk about finding a needle in a haystack (get it?).  My GI doctor could do it, but after taking the first shot, I quickly found that I need to sleep after taking a dose of Cimzia, so best if I take it right before I go to bed.  I called my local express clinic.  They told me that I could only get the shots there if the attending doctor prescribed it.  I called my pharmacy, which was a long shot, but they do flu shots, so maybe they could at least point me in the right direction.  Basically they told me that, by law, they aren’t allowed to administer injections (except flu shots).  They even called around and thought up some good suggestions.  I ended up at my kid’s bus stop asking if anyone was a nurse or an LPN, or a diabetic or a heroin addict… or someone who is good with knives or needles, or pointy objects.

I finally did find a qualified person to administer my shot.  In the event it’s illegal for this qualified person to administer my shot, I’ll keep her name and affiliation under wraps… but know this…  I am eternally grateful to you, qualified person, for there’s no way I was doing this on my own.

My first shot of Cimzia was a little more like shooting up a sleeping potion than a medication given to calm down my Crohn’s Disease.  I took the first dose on a Thursday, was really sleepy Thursday evening, went to bed early.  Was ok on Friday probably because my kid’s birthday party was that evening and I had to be in tip top shape.  Parenthood will do that to you no matter how you are feeling.  Then Saturday, things got really fuzzy.  I somehow made it to Downingtown for my kid’s soccer games,  I actually don’t remember much about that ride.  Then I came home and slept until the following day.  On Sunday, I went to church, came home, and then proceeded to sleep and sleep and sleep.  But then Monday I was much better.  I contacted my GI about it and he didn’t have a definite answer as to whether or not Cimzia caused all of this or not.

The second shot was a few days ago.  I went to Qualified Person to have it in the evening so I can ward off this sleeping thing I have going.  It worked.  The next day I wasn’t very sleepy, but none of the Crohn’s symptoms went away.   So I may be injecting myself with jello for no reason at all.

Believe it or not there’s more … There’s MORE? You ask?  Yes, but I haven’t written it yet and I’m really trying to catch up here…


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The Latest…

I guess a year and a half away from a medically targeted blog could mean so many things… or maybe just two things.  That the blogger is doing really really well and doesn’t want to talk about having Crohn’s, or that the blogger is doing really really bad and doesn’t want to talk about having Crohn’s.

For me, it started out that I was doing really well.  I visited my nutritionist, a SUPERHAPPYGALNAMEDJENNY.  Jenny was very enthusiastic about helping people who can only eat air and water come to grips with their lot in life.   I got a handle on the gluten free diet and honestly started to feel a little more like a healthy person.  Lost a little weight, felt a little better, walked the dog.   That lasted for about a month or so.  Then, a year ago, in July, things started going… dark.

It started with joint pain.  You know when you start working out again after a long stretch of time, and there’s that achy pain that goes through your joints the following day? Imagine that in every single joint in your body, every day, all day long, for no reason.  If you look at your hand, there are three major bendy places in each finger, two or three in each toe… I never gave much thought to any of that… until moving my pinky toe actually caused me to flinch.

I guess on the upshot, I have a very sedentary job, so it really only hurt to move the mouse around.   Other than that, I read… all. the. time.   I managed to start and finish the entire Twilight series (and watch the movies) The Hunger Games series, and of course, the Fifty Shades of Grey series along with all of the FSOG spawns.  Some of those were so bad, I actually felt worse for the author than for myself, which was what I was shooting for in the first place.  So it was win win.  I made it to Delaware to visit some friends, and luckily, they let me float around in their pool the entire time…  very nice for the joints.   I took a bunch of pain killers each night and hoped for the best.  But it was pretty pathetic and sort of sad at the same time.

At the time, I was still on Remicade.  (Note foreshadowing)  I told the nurses that hooked me up about the joint situation and they gave me that smiley face chart that tells them the level of pain I was experiencing.  I picked number six.  Which is like a sad face trying to be a happy face.

As the Remicade was dripping through (it takes about 2 and a half hours) I could feel my joints loosening up.  It was wild.  Kind of like when I was in the hospital two years ago, begging the nurse to kill me.   Whatever she injected into my tube was like some sort of magic juice.  So after every Remicade appointment, I would dance myself out of the hospital, happy and thrilled with my new found flexibility.

But then 4 weeks later it started again.  I would get the Remicade, feel fantastic, go home, and then 3 weeks later, the same thing happened.  I would gradually become an invalid.  It was a horrible, helpless feeling which went on for about 6 months.  I wasn’t happy or fun to be around at the time.  If you saw me during this time and I was just standing there, (or just sitting there), it’s because I couldn’t move.

Luckily, I have a stellar medical team who went to great lengths to figure out my problem… and figure it out they did.  I was diagnosed with drug-induced lupus erythematosus last January, which thank God, is not permanent.  The GI blamed it on Remicade and switched me over to Humira.   Unfortunately, I was informed that I would probably get lupus again because that’s what happens with these kinds of drugs.

Humira wasn’t as fun as Remicade. There’s no turkey box, no nice nurses to talk to, no two hours of uninterrupted, brain depleting, televised crap for me to enjoy.   Instead, it’s a spring loaded shot of medication straight into my stomach.  At the time, I wondered why they had to spring load it.  Either way, with the first shot of Humira, the joint pain started to go away.  Hopefully, never to be seen again.  That part was great.  The not so great deal was that all Crohn’s symptoms, the fevers, the stomachaches, the nausea, the whole stinky gamut came back.  I didn’t notice any instant relief of my Crohn’s with Humira.   I will note though, that many of my friends with Crohn’s have a lot of success with Humira.  That just proves what a weird bunch we all are, and how totally aggravating this disease can really be.

After I went on Humira, I visited with the GI doctor who wanted to immediately put me on steroids.  We spoke.   I reminded him of my problems with Predisone and Entocort.  Long story short,  I got put back on steroids (I know, right?) and surprise surprise!  I had nothing but grief for the next six weeks.  When I went back to the GI doctor, I was an unintentional 15 pounds lighter and feeling pretty awful.  GI was unimpressed with this past round of steroids so I, slowly this time, weaned off and now I’m steroid free… again.

I’m going to end there in the interest of getting the rest of this story out in a timely manner.  There are lots of exciting things coming for me to share, a death defying colonoscopy, a trip to the sweetest place on earth, and a very special episode of The Gimpy Colon Goes to  Philadelphia! Stay tuned!

Cheers! and be well fellow Chronies

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The Fatty Liver…

I got my CT scan results today… here they are… basically, they don’t know what is causing the pain. My kidneys are and have always been pretty goofed up, but that’s usually what everyone gets excited about. I’m not dying or anything, which I already knew. The scan also sang the praises of my fatty liver, not enough to change the name of the blog, but enough. So next week I start weekly trips up to the health campus to try and diffuse the fatty liver situation through diet and exercise… these are the adventures of the gimpy colon…

Soldier on people!!!

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The Thanksgiving Feast…

Happy Turkey Day everyone!!! I am at my brother’s house which is situated just west of Cleveland, Ohio. My whole immediate family is here and as usual, we are having a wonderful time. Currently, a group of us including Farmboy and most of the men in the house are preparing to make their way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a group is staying home to veg out.. and a group of us is preparing for some marathon shopping (I’m in the marathon shopping group).

Thanks to the wonders of Remicade, I was able to seriously enjoy Thanksgiving with no limitations. I technically have to lay off the gluten, however, there were a few instances in the past few weeks that because of my poor planning, I was forced to eat gluten. The first time I knowingly ate gluten, I sat in a chair and waited for some sort of horrible side effect, a headache, SOMETHING negative that would cause me to never touch gluten again. If you have ever read Elizabeth Hasslebeck’s book about Celiac disease, you know how horribly sick she (and many many people with Celiac disease) get when they have even the smallest amount of gluten. Well not me… I was fine… so fine in fact that I got a tad bit cocky about it.

I have yet to get horribly sick at all from anything I’ve eaten in the past few weeks, which includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, gluten… all the stuff that I wasn’t supposed to ever eat… ever again. So, I run around with a box of gluten-free Cinnamon Chex cereal (which if you are gluten-free, you should totally check out… it’s a great go-to meal if there is nothing else available to eat, true sustenance and pretty darn tasty).

I do have a few small self-discovered parameters I have to follow when I eat now or else I can feel the colon start to gimp out.

First and probably most importantly, I have to eat teeny meals… so I’ve basically turned into a grazer of sorts. That’s the way humans are supposed to eat, I’m told, so I guess that isn’t so weird. Last night I ate a plate of Thanksgiving goodness. There was no way I could handle dessert so I had to kind of skip it (except for the two cookies, but cookies hardly count as dessert… dessert is PIE or CAKE, just sayin…)

Second gluten needs to be worth it. If I eat gluten for any amount of time after I leave Cleveland, I should be shot. Most gimpy colons can actually feel food going through the system. I know when it hits my stomach, I know when it’s rockin’ the intestines. I have to be very in tune with the goings on in there and even though I haven’t been sick yet, I know the clock is ticking. I will go home and go back to gluten-free and I will look forward to the next special occasion where I can have gluten again… I know I’m pressing my luck.. but you haven’t had my sister-in-law’s stuffing… it’s totally stellar…

Third is actually exercise…I know, I know.. a lot of gimpy colons are totally exhausted most of the time, but I definitely feel a little better after a nice walk. Randal (dog) usually gets a walk out of me and I ALWAYS feel better… I didn’t get any exercise yesterday at all even though I kept meaning to get out there and go for a walk.. it just never happened and I feel like a slug. Today though, is the marathon shopping trip, so therefore, I should make up for yesterday with today. Plus, Randal is at the doggie spa probably being fed grapes and having a massage as we speak. So he probably wouldn’t want a walk anyway…I’m weird about my dog.

But enough of that. Today’s Glutie Award goes to all the good hosts of the world who ask gimpy colons how they can enhance their stays… my sister-in-law had gluten-free Cinnamon Chex cereal all set for me even though I dove head first into a bag of bagels my mom brought from New York. At least I know that it was there if the jig was ever up and I had to immediately revert back to totally gluten free in a jiffy.

To all of you good hosts… we salute you!!!


The Annoying Customer…

I’m feeling better! Thanks for asking!

I’ve been having some frustrations with some local eateries that are claiming to have gluten-free foods and have them, but it turns out for one reason or the other, the gluten free food they do have is also not Crohn’s friendly either. Hence, I have to ask a zillion questions and sometimes be really overly direct about the contents of every dish they might have.

Just to review, my diet consists of NOT having fresh fruits or vegetables, anything with gluten (which basically means no wheat) and very very little fiber and if I can help it, no fiber at all. Although some cooked vegetables do go through without notice by the gimpy colon. So far we have cooked potatoes (read: French fries). Apparently the French fry has some sort of paperwork that can be shown at the entrance to my stomach which allows proper digestion through the gimpy colon. I don’t know why potatoes work, but I’m not going to complain.

So anyway, for example, we were at a restaurant the other day (I won’t say the name, suffice the name rhymes with “Molive Marden”) and they have a gluten-free menu. I asked if they could make me a ziti with gluten free noodles and instead of the marinara sauce, could I have the Alfredo sauce and cheeses and yes, I’m aware that the Alfredo sauce probably had gluten in it but I was willing to take my chances being that it was the Friday before Mother’s day and I had a hankering for ziti.

So the waiter (nice guy) says that the gluten free pasta is already mixed up in a special bowl with marinara sauce. I said that I couldn’t have marinara sauce and so I ended up ordering a steak and mashed potatoes… my third steak and mashed potato order from a restaurant in a row.

So many minutes later (and we weren’t in a hurry or anything and quite frankly, Farmboy and I have a tendency to yak yak yak and lose track of time pretty easily), the waiter comes back and tells me that they had to throw my steak away because it was touching some vegetables so they were going to cook me another special steak and should he bring the other food out right now? I felt bad, because I obviously wasn’t clear about my situation, and made them waste a steak, but I wasn’t about to say “you know what? Dig that sucker out of the garbage.. I’ll have it anyway.” I’m not allergic to vegetables, I just can’t EAT them…

So a bit later, the manager came out, was very apologetic and told me that my steak would be comped and so was our dessert. Which is funny because I couldn’t eat anything on that dessert menu anyway, so Farmboy was happy. Good for him.

I haven’t run into anyone who isn’t completely annoyed with my questions (or appeared to be) but I’m starting to get really annoyed at myself and rather than attempt to go out somewhere, I just snap the cap off another Ensure and guzzle away.

Well that was fun… on to this week’s Glutie Award… and back to the restaurant rant… Anytime I go to a restaurant, I usually have to bring some kind of bread with me or else I will be stuck eating something like a hamburger without the bun, which unless you are one of those freak “anti-carb” people, is not a happy meal… luckily, there’s the Grainless Baker…

Where would I be without the Grainless Baker hamburger buns? They also have hot dog buns which I imagine taste similar to the hamburger buns… good stuff. I hear they also have French baguettes… which I am actually afraid to try since I dislike being teased.

So congratulations are in order to the Grainless Baker.. if you run into the Grainless Baker whoever he or she might be, give ‘em a high five for me…


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The Shoutout…

My health has been poor lately, so I’ve been on a liquid diet since Monday. It’s mostly pain and so, since I’m not exactly malnourished, my GI doctor allowed me to go on Ensures and applesauce to give the gimpy colon a rest. I do feel better with just the Ensures, but it is a tad … sad… that I make actual food for the boys and I get to drink my meals out a bottle… I’m all for a comfy colon though.. so I shouldn’t complain.. but I will anyway… poor, poor, gimpy colon.

But enough of that… I have a few shout-outs I want to do. I’ve gone to several restaurants in the area and also grocery stores with my crazy diet requirements in hand… no fresh vegetables, no fresh fruit, no gluten, no nuts, no seeds, no fiber, no popcorn, no sex, no drugs, no wine, no women, no fun, no sin, no you, no wonder it’s dark…. (That’s a shout-out to my biggest big brother.)

Here’s a shout-out to Pamela’s Products and Giant Grocery Store. Giant is one of our local grocery stores. About a year ago, they opened a new one which has a whole section for freaks like us. Gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, all that stuff. There’s a whole row of gluten-free stuff and one of the more yummy lines is Pamela’s Products. Giant has most of Pamela’s products which are currently my favorite of the “mixes”. Granted, I’ve only been gluten-free for a short time. Pamela’s pancake and baking mix has been consumed by the gluten eating men of the house (read that as, they didn’t notice that it was any different from any other pancakes)… Farmboy totally digs the chocolate chip cookies made from Pamela’s pancake and baking mix. I haven’t tried to make the muffins or any of the other recipes on the package, but I keep a package of Pamela’s mix around just in case….. I start eating real food again.

Giant also carries Foods by George which is where I got my very first gluten-free English muffin. I’ve mentioned before that the gluten-free English muffin as created by Foods by George looks and tastes nothing like an American English muffin. I confess, I’m lame and I don’t know what a real English muffin looks like or whether English muffins come from England or if it’s like French fries and only Americans make up these foreign names for things. Last time I was in Europe, I was three. Cut me a break…

…Wait a minute… why am I admitting lameness? I have google… AND Wikipedia… and here’s what I’ve found since I’m so brilliant with search engines… The English Muffin does come from England and back in the 1700s they called it a moofin… which is hilarious. I couldn’t read any more after moofin. I don’t need to know anything more than moofin.

Anyway, like I said before, Foods by George English moofins… taste and look nothing like a regular English moofin. In fact, if I were to do the Pepsi challenge with English moofins by George, I would have to go with biscuit. Not ENGLISH biscuits… I know those are different. I’ve seen Upstairs/Downstairs. But regular American biscuits. So every morning, I eat an egg with some kind of gluten-free spread and a moofin by George. Here’s the package… disregard the spelling of the word “moofin”. I’ll have to have a talk with George about his spelling skills.

Shout out #3 goes to Betty Crocker who has a whole line of make yourself box deserts that are gluten-free. You can get yellow cake, devil’s food cake, chocolate chip cookies and brownies. You can even find them in the baking aisle at the grocery store so I got to feel like less of a freak for about five seconds. I bought and baked a chocolate box cake by Betty herself. I haven’t tried it yet, but I have tried the cookies. They’re good and totally passable as gluten-filled. In fact, I’m starting to wonder why the world needs gluten.

I have a couple of other shout outs but I’m low on time these days. I’ll have to break it into another post.



The Bizarro World…

Maybe I should say.. The Opposite World.

A few days ago, I got a phone call from my Endocrinologist’s office saying that there was a cancellation and I could come in to see him on Friday (which by the way, is today). I was told that when I did come to see him, it would take about 3 hours total from start to finish. I was also told that he is thorough.

So I collected magazines for my busy bag and headed off to the endocrinologist today at 10:05 a.m. I finally actually got into the room at 11:20 a.m. and was seen somewhere around 11:45ish.

Dr. Endo is a nice guy, likes chit chat, and likes to tell you what is crap and what isn’t. Very direct… and it turns out, super thorough. He wanted to know my entire story from start to finish, from me, even though all of the information, my hospital visits, pictures of my insides, blood test results, notes from three different doctors are all right in front of him on the computer. Long story short, it turns out that my cortisol problem may be a problem and may not be a problem. First, I have to wean off of prednisone verrrrrrrry slowly. According to my calculations, I won’t be off prednisone until August. After that point, I have to take a test to make sure I’m actually producing enough cortisol. Apparently, there’s a difference between making enough and making what you are supposed to make. So we’re going to find out about all of that in October. If I’m not making enough cortisol, then I’ll have to take a pill. You know… more pills.

The reason I call this post The Bizarro World or should call it The Opposite World (but I think that the Bizarro World episode of Seinfeld fits better), is because ever since I was diagnosed or sometime after I was diagnosed:

1. I was told that I cannot have fresh fruits or fresh vegetables.

2. I was told to “try” not to even have any cooked vegetables. You know, if I happen upon a pile of cooked vegetables and I fall over and some of it accidentally falls into my mouth, it’s not a big deal, but try not to let it happen again.

3. I was told not to have anything with a lot of fiber in it. Two grams of fiber was too much fiber. Did you know that EVERYTHING has fiber in it? It’s all the rage.

4. I was told that my dramatic weight gain due to the prednisone pleased the doctor… pleased him. So many of his Crohn’s patients are so thin and malnourished. I have room.. ROOM to I guess feed off myself before I get really sick…. I dunno… I’m in a strange part of the planet where fat is good. Bizarro world.

5. See number 3 for emphasis…

6. I was told to “try” not to go to the gym too much because it would distrub the healing process. I can walk the dog around the block though.. but don’t get winded.

7. And today makes the list EXTRA bizarre. I was told (and I have it in writing for all you doubters) that if a salt craving comes along I am to give in and eat the salt… people who know me well, know that’s bizarre…

So if you add all of this stuff up, the inability to eat pretty much anything healthy, instructions to not exercise, and finally, my favorite… “Hey Gimpy! EAT MORE SALT”.

I know what’s coming next… “Hey Gimpy! Quit your job and play Mario Kart all day… it’s good for your colon!”

I have to go pick the kid up from soccer practice… let’s hope I don’t wind myself on the way to the car.



The Upside…

Whelp! The cat scan (meow!) came out pretty well if I do say so myself. It looks like the medicine is working. I just have some issues with the lower right side (where my appendix is) where I still have pain. It’s called the terminal ileum for all you google freaks. My GI doctor said that there are probably adhesions there and that it’s going to be a wait and see situation. Lucky for me, it’s a very popular place to have Crohn’s disease and there are a few options. Surgery is the very last option by the way. Right now, we are going to concentrate on the medications, specifically the Remicade. I have my fourth round of Remicade this Monday and I’m hoping I feel more of a change. I hear that after the fourth or fifth round, there should be some sort of improvement. Meanwhile, we are adding another medication to the bucket. I think this makes an even 10 meds. I’m now on more medications than most grandmothers I know.

After a little over a week gluten-free, I am definitely feeling better in the stomach. I can’t speak for the rest of me though. Yesterday, I had another cortisol fit and fell asleep at my desk at least four times. Then, after work, I went straight to bed. Then I had trouble sleeping… then I was fine today. I mentioned all this to my GI doctor when he called and miraculously, I was called today by my brand new endocrinologist who will see me at the end of April, which I might add, is way better than the end of November when I thought I was going to meet this guy. I was told that November was for the not-so-urgent people… which I guess makes me urgent. Yesterday, I felt urgent. Today… not so much. My GI doctor and I had this plan where I was going to go off Prednisone 1mg at a time as opposed to 5mg at a time. But maybe that plan will change when I see the endocrinologist. Should be fun stuff.

Anyway, back to the gluten-free stuff which is where the title of this post comes from. It’s been working out. We have this little coffee shop that is walking distance from our house. Every Tuesday, Gimpy and Gimpy’s husband (hereinafter referred to as “Farmboy”) stroll down to the coffee shop for lunch. I used to get this fantastic mushroom brie soup that was TO DIE…. I also got half an egg salad sandwich, and then three sugar cookies with the yummy colored sugar topping. Delish! But now, since the soup has the rue, the egg salad has the bread and the sugar cookies have… gluten… I have to switch everything around. I knew that the shop didn’t do gluten-free stuff yet (they are kind of new). I got a gluten-free bread mix from the grocery store, made the bread in my bread maker, froze it, then grabbed two pieces of bread and brought them to the shop. They were happy to toast my bread, and put egg salad on it. Couldn’t do anything about the mushroom brie soup, but that’s OK, because they didn’t have any today anyway, and then… THEN… I got a hot chocolate with that fuzzy squirt milk they shoot into cups… I don’t know what it is… like a latte? but anyway, have a hot chocolate with fuzzy squirt milk… mushroom brie who? Sugar cookie what? After lunch tummy felt good and I went on with life.

Tummy would be happier if Farmboy wouldn’t keep eating my homemade gluten-free cookies. Really puts a damper on things. You know, you open the drawer and… D’OH!!!

Until next time people..



The Wacky Diet…

On November 3, 2010, I had a colonoscopy after which my gastroenterologist came in and told me that yep, I have Crohn’s Disease.  Then he told me that I needed to go on what was called a low residue diet.  That essentially means I can’t have anything that has fiber in it or that doesn’t digest to complete mush once it’s processed through the digestive system.

That meant no raw vegetables, raw fruits, nuts, seeds, any kind of that fancy bread that has all that kibble and stuff in it, oatmeal, and a few other things that because I either don’t eat them or don’t miss them, I forgot to put them on this list.

I already knew I had a situation with lactose, and at first I cut out all dairy, but then slowly added back soft cheeses because I’m not into masochism.  I like cheese.  I can live the rest of my life without ice cream.  I think it’s because ice cream rips my stomach to ever-loving shreds.

Currently I’m in an interesting position.  Yesterday, when I woke up from my upper GI endoscopy (sort of like the opposite of a colonoscopy, but they stick the camera in the opposite end of you), my GI came in (very deja vu) and told me that I probably had Celiac disease but I had to take an important test to be sure and if I did have Celiac disease,  I would need to stop eating gluten forever.   The rub however, is that we need to get permission from the insurance company for me to take these tests and therefore, there’s this lag time where I HAVE to eat gluten in order to take the test to find out if I have Celiac disease.  It makes sense that gluten might be what causes my current stomach pain, so I’m itchy to get on this no gluten thing… on the other hand… even people on death row get a last meal… so… tonight is pizza night.

So now that I’m much more aware that the lovely white bread and tortillas are most likely causing me stomach pain, I’m still eating them, knowing that soon probably, they will be out of my life, or perhaps back into my life in a different form.  I haven’t made it to the gluten-free section of my local grocery store yet.  I know it has one and I know it has a lot of foods for the gimpy colon, but I’m waiting for my insurance company to get back to my GI at which time they will schedule these tests.   The discussion of my insurance company vs. coverage vs. the GI vs. the meds vs. the tests will come in a later post, I assure you.

Until then, gluten burgers, with gluten fries and gluten cake for everyone!!!!


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